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Many organizations have heavily invested in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to secure access to their internal sensitive resources. They want to leverage PKI to secure access to cloud based resources or move to a modern form of authentication (FIDO2), while maintaining the usage of PKI for Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA), digital signature & file encryption.

The SafeNet eToken Fusion series is a set of USB tokens combining FIDO2 with PKI in a single authenticator

usb tokencertified logosSafeNet eToken Fusion Series

SafeNet eToken Fusion Benefits

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Prevent Phishing Attacks

FIDO2 and PKI protect against Phishing and Man-In-the-Middle Attacks (MiTM).

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Get the best from PKI and FIDO Worlds

  • Deploy FIDO authentication to your modern web applications or Windows desktops
  • Maintain PKI for legacy resources, digital signature or email encryption
usb tokens

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Deploy on Mobile or laptops

Authenticate from your laptop or mobile phone using one single USB-C security key.

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Make life easier for your users and IT

  • No Need to remember passwords
  • Reduce Helpdesk costs
  • Compatible with any IAM platform supporting FIDO2
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Comply with your market regulations

  • FIDO2 certified
  • Common Criteria, eIDAS and French ANSSI certified
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How to authenticate to Windows Workstations and Office365 using Thales FIDO Tokens.

Denis Vanhulle, Thales IAM Technical Expert, demonstrates how to log passwordless to Microsoft resources using a Thales FIDO security key (Windows workstations, and Office 365 managed in Azure Active Directory)


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1. Quickly test FIDO authentication
Test-drive your FIDO Token on Thales demo site.
Register it and log on to a web service in a few seconds.

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2. Activate your FIDO Token to secure access to your personal accounts of popular online services
Many online service support FIDO authentication and permit their end users to activate 2FA using a FIDO security key to secure access to their online account. you will find below the link to fido security key set up instructions for four popular online services.


3. Activate FIDO authentication in your Identity Provider
Modern Identity Providers support FIDO authentication.
You will find below instructions to install your FIDO token into two IDP’s: SafeNet Trusted Access from Thales and Azure AD from Microsoft.


4. Activate FIDO and CBA in your CMS (card management system)
Thales partners with Versasec to offer vSEC:CMS providing customers with security solutions for managing digital identities. You can activate FIDO and CBA within VSEC:CMS.

To know more about vSEC:CMS Secure Device Management:


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