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Our monthly Distinguished Speakers are comprised of Military, Hackers/Code Breakers, Government Security Agency Professionals, and Motivational/Inspirational Speakers. Limited Seating Available.

December 2021


Chris Krebs


Tuesday, December 7

Our next speaker has had a long career as a cybersecurity expert in private and public sector.

Christopher Krebs previously served as the first director of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), where he oversaw the Agency’s efforts to manage risk to the nation’s businesses and government agencies, bringing together partners to collectively defend against cyber and physical threats.


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Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak

October - Sorry, you missed it!

Electronics engineer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, teacher, computer programmer and a person with a street named in his honor: Woz Way.

“You get a phone call that your mom is in an emergency room. What do you do?
First, backup your computer. Then go to the hospital.”

-S. Wozniak

As events of the world perform a spirit-ectomy on us, along comes Steve Wozniak to reignite your passion for discovery and the joyous pursuit of all things possible.

A transformative combination of engineer, programmer and dreamer, Steve makes things that make a profound difference. He was born that way. As a child, he’d see something and think, "Can I do it better?" A few years on, he literally made all kinds of things better. And along the way launched a revolution in computing: a briefcase containing hardware, circuit boards and an operating system. It was called Apple 1.

In this inspiring conversation, Steve reflects on the impact that he and his partner, the other Steve, made on humanity. And though he never loses his sense of all the good that tech can do, he does have concerns. For example, if you're a spammer, you don’t want to run into Steve in a dark alley. And the Internet? Retire it and build a new one. As for security, Steve believes that hackers are some of the best and brightest minds out there. If we're to stay ahead of them, we'll all have to "Think Different."

But beyond the bleak, Woz shares several things that excite him. Quantum is a big one. Also, batteries, robots, cyber currencies, and personal assistants––probably to fend off spammers. And the most important thing to invest in... the single opportunity that will deliver the greatest returns? Educating the next generation. Because as Steve reminds us, "The young will lead us forward."

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Carey Lohrenz

Carey Lohrenz

September - Sorry, you missed it!

She’s one of the first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilots in the US Navy. A mother, business consultant, bestselling author, and a disciplined wingman to assist in your mission against cyber threats. Her office is an F-14 fighter jet cockpit. Surrounded by 350 switches and dials and a way better view than any CEO’s corner office. More insane than that, she’s gone from 0-200 mph in under 2 seconds. From 1g to 8g. It’s like having an elephant on top of you while making critical decisions in real-time. (Sound familiar, security professional?)

It’s this kind of right stuff that makes Carey uniquely qualified to guide those in the battle against cyber threats. In her informative, high-altitude discussion, she shares several grounded strategies to help you thrive under pressure, reduce errors, and overcome obstacles.

It all begins by being the catalyst: Define the purpose, stay disciplined and communicate the mission. An effective leader aligns their team by providing a clear and empowering vision to achieve high performance.

What else does this fighter pilot believe? Don’t let formulating a “perfect plan” hold you back. You can take off with an 80-percent mission plan provided you stay tightly focused on what matters most. Prioritize, filter, reduce, and push aside anything between your team and success.

And because even the best laid 80-percent plans will face challenges, Carey shares effective skills to help you adjust, pivot, and keep your cool in complicated threat-filled environments.

In cybersecurity, turbulence happens. Carey is here to help us all make smoother landings.

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Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick

August - Sorry, you missed it!

More fuel for thought from the most elusive computer break-in artist in history. Once wanted by the FBI, Mitnick is now wanted by Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide to challenge their security systems. Other hackers hang pictures of Kevin in their lockers. 

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Dr. Charles Miller & Chris Valasek

Dr. Charles Miller & Chris Valasek

July - Sorry, you missed it!

The Mind of a Hacker – What They Do and How They Do It

A.k.a. “Razor and Blade.” Cruise Automation's Principal Autonomous Vehicle Security Architects. And, according to, two of the world’s most brilliant hackers (for good, of course).

“Our infamous Jeep Cherokee hack? No pay, just grief. But worth it.”
- Dr. C. Miller/C. Valasek

Charlie and Chris live by an unbreakable code: The un-hackable is indeed hackable. To drive home their strongly held belief, they wrangled control of a Jeep Cherokee...from miles away.

Result? Tons of media attention. More importantly, Fiat Chrysler got the message. The company recalled 1.4 million vulnerable vehicles for the fix. And even though there were other susceptible cars (they really wanted to commandeer that $100,000 Viper) the hacking duo hit the brakes.

Most ethical hackers would consider that a triumph. Not these guys. Fact is, they saw it as an ominous sign of things to come. On the road. And on the Internet.

To hear the amazing details about how they pwned that Jeep, park your device and tune into their fast and furious tale. You’ll learn about the problems which led to the Jeep hack, how they did it, the aftermath, and the critical steps Fiat Chrysler took to address the security flaws.

From there, they go into overdrive. Charlie and Chris speed through the numerous vulnerabilities baked into The Internet of Things, as well as a little segment they call Last Hack Tonight, a John Oliver-esque review of the latest devastating hacks including the slick Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, the meaty JBS Foods ransomware attack and the recent Pegasus spyware scandal, proving yet again that even Apple the “unhackable” is indeed hackable.

So buckle up security pros, it’s quite a ride through some rough cyberthreat terrain with a few pitstops for smart solutions and mitigations.

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Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink

June - Sorry you missed it!

"If one part of the team fails, the whole team fails."
-J. Willink

Battle!  Combat!  Defend!
It's how security professionals describe their never-ending war against cybercrime. So, we thought it was time to call in the U.S. army to discuss the matter.
Regular military personnel? Sir! No Sir! Jocko Willink is a former Navy SEAL Commander. Under his bold leadership, he brought stability to one of the most violent regions in the Iraq War.

In this high impact session, Jocko delivers frontline perspectives on ways to take the lead in your fight against cyber threats.

Think of it as data security bootcamp––where you'll quickly learn to deploy the most effective weapons to confront cyber enemies. In addition to helping you understand the powerful benefits of extreme ownership during challenging times, Jocko shares his battle-tested 4 Laws of Combat Leadership:

  1. Cover and Move
  2. The Brilliance of Simplicity
  3. Detach, Prioritize and Execute
  4. Decentralized Command

Together, these insights can turn Sec Ops teams into cyber-SEAL teams, unstoppable forces that are more agile, more aggressive and so fully prepared, it'll make any would be attacker think twice about your response.

Roger that.

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Josh Linkner

Josh Linkner

May - Sorry, you missed it!

Big Little Breakthroughs: What notorious hackers and history-making innovators have in common

Josh Linker, author of Hacking Innovation: The New Growth Model from the Sinister World of Hackers, is a self-proclaimed creative troublemaker. Josh presents a home office rattling look at why the most creative and sinister minds on the planet pose the greatest threat to national security.

Eric O'Neill

Eric O'Neill

April - Sorry, you missed it!

Cybersecurity During the Pandemic

Enjoy binge-watching spy thrillers during the pandemic? Well, hit the pause button on those fictional episodes and tune into Eric O'Neill talk about his real-life hunt and capture of Robert Hanssen, one of the most notorious spies in cybersecurity history. 

 In addition to his adrenaline pumping story as an undercover agent for FBI counterintelligence, Eric shares his unique knowledge and perspective to help you confront the alarming rise of vulnerabilities brought on by pandemic-driven digital transformation––a data-threatening symptom of Covid-19. 

 In fact, cyberattacks are now four times higher than in 2019. Resulting in more than $4.3 billion in losses. Spear Phishing, Ransomware and Malware have never been more effective. That's because people have never been more distributed. Eric warns that perimeters and passwords are relics of security past. Active, not reactive strategies must be deployed. Immediately. So, what does a former FBI counterintelligence operative recommend? Access Management and Network Segmentation for starters. But out of respect for the spy genre, we won't give away all of the secrets. 

 You'll just have to watch this fascinating session and discover why the only way to defend against the latest espionage and cyber threats is for the hunted to become the hunter.



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