Our Meet The Experts Clinic is open for one day every month and designed to equip our Strategic Partners with a privileged heads up on a range of topics in advance of our publicly scheduled webinars (which happen two weeks later).

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Axel Debray

Axel specialises in understanding the the fast-paced evolution of IT technology and interpreting that to match the requirements of his customers as they navigate the complex work of cyber security solutions. His problem solving approach and technical background enables him to articulate business value to others in defining robust cyber security options.

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About our Meet The Experts Clinic Series for Strategic Partners 

Get the inside track - 

Introducing our NEW Drop-in Online Clinics

We have launched a new Meet The Experts Clinic Series of interactive sessions exclusively for our Strategic Partners, aimed to share our significant updates before we schedule our more public webcasts. 

These Briefing Sessions are not broadcasts like our traditional BrightTalk Webinars but held over the Go-to-Meeting platform to give a truly interactive experience where you can ask the presenter questions over the given topic, as you would do in a physical face-to-face environment.


Open Days Topics
October 5th Network Encryption
November 2nd Data Discovery, Classification and Encryption
December 7th FIPS Compliance and HSMs

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