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According to the latest Breach Level Index report, there were 1,765 reported data breaches and over 2.5 billion compromised data records worldwide in 2017.

Other key findings include:

  • More than 2.6 billion records compromised, lost or stolen in 2017, up by 88% from 2016.
  • Human error a major risk management and security issue: Accidental loss caused 1.9 billion records to be exposed, a 580% increase in the number of records from 2016.
  • Identity theft is still the number one type of data breach: Identity theft was 69% of all data breach incidents. Over 600 million records were impacted resulting in a 73% increase from 2016.
  • Internal threats are increasing: The number of malicious insider incidents decreased slightly, however, the amount of records stolen increased to 30 million, a 117% increase from last year.
  • What a nuisance: The number of records breached in nuisance type attacks increased by 560% from 2016. The Breach Level Index defines a data breach as a nuisance when the compromised data includes basic information such as name, address and/or phone number.

Download the full report today for complete insights into breach incidents by industry, source, type, and geographic region.

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